dwerguil België, pygmy owl, Hoge Venen, Haute-fagnes
April 2024
Pygmy owl in Belgium! 
The smallest little owl in Europe. Fits in the palm of your hand. 
What a cool little bird. Eats mostly mice and songbirds.
800mm - iso1000 - f4 - 1/160s 
FEb 2024
Eurasian lynx encounter in Estonia
In winter the males go looking for a mate, what an encounter
800mm - iso1250 - f4 - 1/320s 
sept 2023
Belgian wolf at dusk
Young wolf waiting for the rest of the family on the rendez-vous spot.
one week later  one of its siblings got killed in traffic.
800mm - iso1250 - f4 - 1/200s 
August 2023
   Alpine marmot / alpenmarmot
This little guy was inquisitive and came to watch what I was doing in his field.  Taken in the french Alps.
350mm - iso500 - f5.6 - 1/1000s 
June 2023
   Northern Gannet  / jan-van-gent 
I visited the German island "Helgoland" for a few days on my own.
355mm - iso160 - f5.0 - 1/1600s 
MAy 2023
Young eagle owl
During a search in the forest, I stumbled upon this young eagle owl.  He was not happy to see me. I quickly took a few photos after which I left him on his own.
 700mm - iso800 - f7.1- 1/200s
APRIL 2023

Belgian wolf at dusk
I'm so exited that they are starting to  roam our forests again!
And after several close encounter I can tell you that wolfs only have respect for humans!
 500mm - iso3200 - f4- 1/500s